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Програма за рецитал

[one_third]G.Ph. Telemann Sonate g-moll
G.Ph. Telemann Sonate c-moll
G.Ph. Telemann Sonate a-moll
G.Ph. Telemann Sonate B-dur
A. Vivaldi Sonate c-moll
A. Vivaldi Sonate g-moll (“iL pastor fido”)
G.F. Handel Sonate N-1 c-moll
G.F. Handel Sonate N-2 B-dur (fatzwiliam)
G.F. Handel Sonate N-3 f-dur
G.F. Handel Sonate N-7
G.Ph. Telemann 12 Fantasien fur Oboe solo
J.S. Bach Sonate BWV 1020
J.S. Bach Sonate BWV 1030
J.B. Loeillet Sonate C-dur
T.Vincent Sonate D-dur
J.B. Loeillet de Gant Sonate e-moll op.5
C.Ph. E. Bach Sonate g-moll
S.Stojkov (Macedonian) Sonata
T.Manchev (Macedonian) Sonata

[one_third]R.Petrovich Sonata
A.Matz Sonate
D.Milhaud Sonate
F.Poulenc Sonate
G.Jacob Sonate
H.Bauman Sonate
P.Hindemit Sonate
W.A. Mozart Sonate K.V. 377
I.Petrich Sonatina
J.Lewandovska Sonatina
R.Kelterborn Sonatina
J.Ph. Thilman Kleine Sonate
B.Ivanovki (Macedonian) 3 Piese
R.Shuman 3 Romance
G.Faure Berceuse op. 16
J.Ritz Concerno piece
E.Bozza Conte pastorale
B.Bartok Drei youlkslieder aus

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dem comitat ckik
S.Mayer Drie Landerlijke miniaturen fur Hobo solo


B.Bartok Dudelsackpfeifer
E.Bozza Fantasia pastorale
M.Arnold Fantasie for Oboe solo
M.Ravel Habanera
Jw. Kallivoda Marceav de Salon op.228
T.Proshev (Macedonian) Musandra 8
E.Dzerman Pastoral
D.Despich Pastorale fur Oboe solo
E.Martin Petit complainte
K.Odak Rondeau
F.Bonzon Scene pastorale
B.Britain Six metamorphoses after Ovid fur Oboe solo
C.Kalin Solo de Concours N-2, N-3
C.Saint Saens Sonate D-dur
G.Ph. Telemann Sonate in g-moll
M.Konvalinka Tema s variatemi
C.Nielsen Two fantasie pieces

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Concerts with chamber orchestra

B.Marcelo Koncert c-moll
V.Belini Koncert

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G.Ph Telemann Koncert f-moll
T.Albinoni Koncert d-moll
D.Chimarosa Koncert c-moll
G.F. Handel Koncert g-moll

J.Stamitz Koncert C-dur
Lj.Brangolica (Macedonian) Koncert
A.Grgin -“Biljana” , theme and variations
J.Ibert Simphonie Concertante
J.S. Bach Koncert fur Oboe und Violine


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Concerts with simpony orchestra

J. Haydn Koncert C-dur
W.A. Mozart Koncert C-dur
F. Kramer Koncert F-dur
J.N. Hummel Introduction; Theme and Variations
R. Strauss Koncert
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